We at silviagattin.com are convinced that if every single person and corporation, either small or big, can contribute to save our planet and to live more consciously and environment friendly.
Small actions such as using reusable cotton or paper bags instead of plastic bags when you go grocery shopping, driving more often with your bicycle to work instead with the car or traveling by train instead by plane are only some basic ideas how to make a change. 
As an international online retailer, we recognize that we have a responsibility to reduce waste, and one key way to do so is by minimizing our packaging and making it recyclable.
When it comes to packaging we always followed ambitious sustainability goals that include using 100% sustainably and ethically sourced packaging. We ship our products exclusively in 100 % recycled paper boxes and for wrapping we don’t use any plastic but 100 % recycled silk paper or our eco-friendly shoppers made of organic cotton.
It can also happen that we reuse paper boxes so don’t be disappointed when you receive your order in an already used packaging. 
For more ideas how you can be part of the change be inspired here: www.dariadaria.com/climate-change

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